19 Great Persuasive Essay Topics for Any Assignment

19 Great Persuasive Essay Topics for Any Assignment

A persuasive essay is a piece of academic writing in which a writer’s job is to convince the reader to accept a particular point of view or take an action. Finding a viable persuasive essay topic is every college student’s nightmare. Below we present you a list of 18 great persuasive topic ideas for any assignment.

Writing Tips
1) First paragraph: What? What is the point? Get to it right away. If you are not exactly sure yet how you want to argue on your issue then write your paper anyway. By the time that you finish you likely will know. So then take that conclusion and plug it in up front.
2) Second Paragraph: So what? Why should anyone care about your main point? Perhaps you can refer to what others have said about your issue and so you can note why your view is superior to their view and therefore more worthy of attention. Or argue how your view on the matter benefits the wider community, etc.
3) Rest of paper: How? How can you say what you are saying? Presentation or explication of your evidence, logic, and references.

Persuasive Essay Topics

1. Gun control?
2. Abortion?
3. Death Penalty?
4. Tort reform: the effort to keep lawsuits from resulting in “high money” awards.
5. Standardized Testing: regularly for grades k-12.
6. Affirmative Action: Still Needed?
7. Euthanasia: Help or Murder?
8. Embryonic Stem Cells: using embryos for medical research and cures.
9. Homelessness: a choice or bad luck?
10. School prayer?
11. Flag-burning?
12. Amnesty for illegal/undocumented migrants? or Sanctuary cities?
13. Legalization of marijuana?
14. Make legal drinking age different between the 50 U.S .states?
15. The Pledge of Allegiance: “under god” or not (versus the First Amendment’s
16. Separation of church and state).
17. Faith-based charity program: public dollars for religious goals?
18. School vouchers?: public dollars for religious goals?
19. Juvenile waiver: Fair or foul?

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