2017 Hurricane which hit the Island of Puerto Rico

2017 Hurricane which hit the Island of Puerto Rico

Look on-line or go to the library and find articles to reference. Please use APA format, with a minimum of three sources. Wikipedia is not a source.

You must have a title page, two pages of text and a reference page. Use size 12 font, times new roman, double spaced.

Format your paper as follows:

Remember, how you write this paper is more important than what you write.
This assignment has the following objectives: 1. Students will gain knowledge of significant contemporary issues in a global and multi-disciplinary setting, which may include the consideration of ethnicity, gender, religion, or race. 2. Students will gain knowledge of the nature of cultural diversity and global interdependence and the challenges of solving problems and reaching understanding across national and cultural divides. 3. Students will demonstrate the ability to interpret and use numerical, written, oral, and visual data; and 4. Students will demonstrate an excitement for and love of learning.

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