Annotated Bibliography

What is Annotated Bibliography?

An annotated Bibliography is a list of sources on a particular topic that may or may not be used in the actual paper. Each entry in the list of the Annotated Bibliography is written based on the designated writing style may it be APA/MLA/HAVARD,CHICAGO. Additionally, a summary of the sources is provided in a sentence or two to help the reader understand. This describes the reliability and usefulness of the source, critique and how well the source will be used for future purposes. The sources on the Annotated Bibliography are most of the times listed based on the specified referencing style.

Instructors in different Universities assign Annotated Bibliography to allow students commence reviewing sources and making notes on to which might be credible and useful in a certain topic and why. Another reason on this is to verify that the students will have access to databases to locate the said resources, as well as how to properly reference and cite their papers.

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