Essay Topic: Wilsonianism

Essay Topic: Wilsonianism


Be sure to follow all formatting guidelines provided in the syllabus. Your final work product must have a cover page with a word count, an essay that is 3-4 pages in length and a works cited page. The minimum writing requirement expectation is two full pages in your own words (excluding citations). If the minimum expectations are not met, the assignment will be marked incomplete. Be sure to provide a proper citation in MLA or APA format for all works consulted on a separate works cited page.


– This activity will challenge you to deconstruct Woodrow Wilson’s famous speech that provided what some called a “blueprint for the future.” He laid out his “14 Points” to a joint session of the US Congress on January 8, 1918. The first step of this activity is to read the speech online.
– After reflecting on Wilson’s 14 Points, mentally re-order them from most important to least important. Do not include the revised list in your essay, this is for your thought process.
– The primary task of this assignment is to address the questions posed below in a well-written essay.

Essay Questions:

– Identify Wilson’s objective in this speech.
– What influence did Wilson’s 14 Points have on the Treaty of Versailles?
– Specifically identify which of Wilson’s points appear in the treaty and which do not?
– Of the points that were excluded, which should have been included?
– Which current day conflicts can be traced to the failures of the Treaty at Versailles?
– How would full adoption of Wilson’s ideals have prevented the situation you identified?

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