Is artificial intelligence the next big thing?

Is artificial intelligence the next big thing?

is artificial intelligence the next big thing?

Artificial intelligence(A.I) is undoubtedly the most intriguing bit of modern technology that is coupled with mystery and myths surrounding it. In layman’s terms Artificial intelligence is the routine use of computers to take tasks our of human hands. It is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines. Most of our day to day functions in the modern world involve artificial intelligence, from typing this article on a computer to the smartphone on your hands, take for instance Siri function available on iPhones.

When most people hear about Artificial Intelligence, the first thought is using robotics too, without doubt, artificial intelligence is going to be the next biggest revolution since the era of industrial revolution in the 18th century. It will be a great achievement for humans as intelligent species. It will affect every area of society from personal life to how we live as a society.

The usage of artificial Intelligence is seen across various industries especially in consumer electronics and healthcare sector. In the next few years the usage of artificial intelligence is anticipated to spread out to other business areas as well and thus the market will gain more revenue in the coming years. With the increasing base of the technological application, the demand for artificial intelligence will also expand significantly.

Advances in healthcare are probably most funded in the world due to the sensitive nature of diseases and the impact of poor health on the global economy. The potential for artificial intelligence in health is immense. Preventative medicine can use artificial intelligence in pattern recognition systems to identify risk factors in patients with chronic disease. Development of an algorithm that can predict episodes of strokes, heart attacks, and diabetic complications is already in use. With such data, physicians will now take a proactive approach to disease management and better coordinate care with their patients.

Is artificial intelligence the next big thing? Experts argue artificial intelligence could be the ultimate version of Google as some think it will augment human intelligence to greater efficiency.

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