Is technology replacing our intellectual capacity?

Is technology replacing our intellectual capacity?

is google making us stupid?

Is technology replacing our intellectual capacity? Perhaps this is a debatable issue given the fact that currently almost every activity relies on the use of technology. Technology remains a key ingredient in our day to day activities and its use cannot be downplayed.

Atrophy is a word used in medicine to signify wasting away of a body part due to disuse for a long time. A common worry of the current generation is atrophied brains resulting from our reliance on technology to handle basic functions.
Everyone has been a victim of fake news often resulting from widespread social media influence. People come up with fake data and information and it spreads widely courtesy of that sharing button on all our social media platforms. This notoriety is fueled by our unwillingness to look for facts or reason when taking up such news simply because we trust technology more than common sense. People will come up with medical fallacies on diseases and unfortunately even the medical community will not come out to research on such claims and restore public confidence on their health or lifestyle choices.

A baby is brought into this world not knowing anything. They cannot speak, eat by ourselves or use household objects. With time, they learn patterns from the environment. They begin babbling and begin to combine them into words, the words into sentences and so on. That is how our intellectual capacity is geared to develop. We learn virtually everything that way , by combining low order patterns to form higher order ones. When this developmental stage is characterized by handing smart gadgets to children then we are basically telling them that technology has the solution to everything, and they do not need to train their brains on anything. Google search engine is at hand on every smart device and with such convenience let us eliminate the need for basic human interaction and problem solving. Perhaps it is worthy to ask, is Google making us stupid?

The most dangerous thing man can have is wrong information. We have trusted technology and what it has to offer to the extent corporates would rather develop machine programs to interact with their clients rather than hiring personnel to bring the humane aspect of any communication .The worst bit is for us the clients we trust the machine program more than we would trust interacting with a fellow human being. In any problem empathy is the most element to achieving a solution and empathy is only provided by human interaction. Remove that from any equation and we have been reduced to robots.

Technology makes us both dumber and smarter. In this technological age, we rely more and more on machines to do functions that we would do ourselves. We have engineered our brains to conserve our immense intellectual capabilities by adapting to our environment, an environment that uses virtually all technological alternatives.Therefore, is technology replacing our intellectual capacity? Yes in a way.

The best thing about technology is the power of choice that it offers us. We get to choose how to solve our challenges and where to put our brains to work and be efficient using our intelligence. We have a choice of leaving our seats and going to get physically active at the gym or picking complex equations and solving them without using Google. Many of us are not willing to take the tougher way of escaping reliance for some time because that means we spend time with our families, discover hidden talents in art and devote time for soul searching. We seek value for our lives when we let go on that thing we rely and trust so much. Man is only smart as he wants to be

Is technology replacing our intellectual capacity? Overreliance on technology has made us upload learnt intelligence to the cloud to make room for new solutions by technologies of which we can still achieve efficiency with balance from tech and inborn intelligence. It is just a question of what will you choose. Technology is indeed one of the best inventions of man. Technology has simplified life in its entirety. However, over-reliance on it will probably lower our intellectual capacity in the long-run.

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