Research paper on the construction on Bridges and the types of bridges structures

Research paper on the construction on Bridges and the types of bridges structures

All pages double spaced with the extra 1/2 space removed between paragraphs. Although the Writing guidlines call for double spacing, please single space for sources but double space between sources. First line of reference is at the left margin and subsequent lines are indented.
Page numbering starts on the second page and begins with 2.
Intro-your topic of discussion
Body-make it flow, new paragraph when a topic changes. Be careful with your in-text sources and citations. A number less than 10 should be written out: \”five\” instead of \”5\”. You should only use quotes when you cannot paraphrase what the author is saying. Do not use filler sentences to take up space, get to the point. I will take off points if you are filling up space just to get your page requirements.
Conclusion-brief conclusion of your topic and opinion, do not repeat everything you said in the body of the paper.
Intro, body and conclusion minimum five pages not including title page and reference page.
Many points where lost on the Reference page. Some Reference pages in the essay did not even resemble APA, so I know that you did not use the resources provided!

The title of the research paper will be provided in a separate email from the instructor. The basic structure of your paper should be:

I. Introduction
II. Discussion
III. Conclusion
IV. References

Do not print blue hyperlinks on you reference page! All text should be in black.
7. All reports must have a no more than six pages of text
Please use either Endnote or Mendeley for your essays and research paper. I prefer Mendeley as it is easier and quicker to use.

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